Our mission is to promote and support people to reach their full potential, engaging people in life skills based training and learning with a particular focus on the principles of participation and empowerment.


Our vision is to promote and support people to realise their full potential through engaging them in experiential models of learning through life skills based training. Future Inclusion uses non- accredited training programmes where children, young people and vulnerable adults are empowered to take control of their lives. All our programmes promote increased confidence, self-esteem and motivation

Future Inclusions Organisation was created in 2010 as a result of its partnership work with other sister organisations, which was delivering initiatives with and for children living on the streets of West Africa and children in need in the UK.

The main aim of Future Inclusions Organisation is to raise the aspirations of people through education, training and health and wellbeing issues. Future Inclusions Organisation engages and work in partnership with adult, young people, children young peoples service providers to improve the lives of the people we support.

Future Inclusions Organisation recognises the important role our volunteers play in enabling us to transform the lives of children, young people and adults. The support that we receive freely from our volunteers who work on our various projects and initiatives is invaluable and very much appreciated.

We ensure that our volunteers are offered meaningful roles that suit their interests and skills and help them develop areas they seek to develop whilst working with us. This way of working has led to them increasing their range of friendships, developing skills, their self-esteem and self-confidence.