What education and training do you provide?

Future Inclusions provides non-accredited educational projects and initiatives for young people. This takes the form of informal education and training, which will give young people the skills to enable them to think about returning to mainstream education, work or volunteering their time for a good cause. It is our hope that we will be able to provide accredited training packages in the not too distant future.

Where do the beneficiaries of your projects come from?

All our projects are accessible free of charge to members of the community who meet the eligibility criteria (based on age range) of the various projects we deliver.

Where do your project facilitators come from?

Skilled professional facilitators who are either members of Future Inclusions or are sourced from local providers deliver Future Inclusions’s training for our various workshops.

Where do you deliver your projects?

Future Inclusions delivers its projects from various locations within the community. We ensure venues for workshops are centrally located, so that participants can use local public transport to get to the venue. We use venues such as local community centres and meeting rooms in the local library.

How does Future Inclusions work with other organisations?

Future Inclusions is a member of an umbrella group in the county, which enables us to access services around training and updating of our knowledge base on issues concerning funding applications and training of staff to deliver the best service they can. We are also linked with various local council departments, which promote local events and we receive support from local businesses, including the Department of Work and Pensions. We have also forged a strong collaborative working relationship with other community and voluntary organisations that are involved in delivering projects in the same arena as ourselves.