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Press release



Future Inclusions Fundraising event.

Future Inclusions, is a registered charity based in Suffolk which works with young people in the UK and in Ghana, West Africa. We are passionate about making a difference and improving the lives of young people through the delivery of our soft skills and informal training for young people who could fall within the NEET category (not in education, training or employment). Future Inclusions is taking part in the Great South Run taking place on 28th of October 2015 to raise funds to build a birthing suite in Ghana, West Africa and to run projects in the UK. Future Inclusions is embarking on The No More Tears Campaign project in Ghana because at the moment, too many poor pregnant young women living in isolated villages are dying needlessly from complications in pregnancy and childbirth such as infection, malaria, malnutrition and bleeding or obstructive labour. Maternal mortality is one of the leading causes of death in West Africa and we at Future Inclusions intend to ease this problem by hopefully building this facility to help save the life of most women who would otherwise have no access to free medical care . We feel strongly that no women should have to die as a result of becoming pregnant or giving birth. Future Inclusions continues to work in the UK with young disadvantaged people with a view to supporting them re-engage in education, training or employment as well.

This fundraising event will not only kick start our efforts aimed at preventing deaths in the first instance by delivering educational and training packages which will teach traditional birth attendants a range of modernfamily planning methods such as pre-natal and ante-natal care. Future Inclusions will also through its fund raising scheme acquire a vehicle that will be used to help get mother in rural areas most in need to the nearest hospitals for a safe delivery of their babies where possible.


Future Inclusions will fundraise for the building of a birthing suite in Ghana with the view of helping mothers who cant afford to get to a hospital for a safe delivery or cant afford the cost accessing medical care for the safe delivery of their child.
This fundraising event is also being supported by John Banks and its staff.


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